Sacred Ceremonies & Spiritual Counseling


Lalana performing a wedding ceremony.

Sacred Ceremonies

Lalana works with each couple in creating their uniquely designed ceremony to reflect each individual's love & special union. Whether intimate or formal, indoor or outdoor, she will gently guide you through this true rite of passage.

Prices for her services depend on whether you'd like her to perform a basic ceremony -- or if you'd like to work together over time to create a ceremony that is more tailored to you. She is also available to do short notice weddings if scheduling permits.

Spiritual Counseling

Lalana likes to stay in touch with those she performs ceremonies for. She can provide spiritual counsel for your conscious evolution as a couple. The marriage is the beginning of an ongoing and organic committed adventure with its natural ups & downs. It's often helpful to have an ally be a witness to your growth, as well as be there to provide guidance when the challenges arise. Lalana can help guide you to deeper intimacy with yourself, and with each other as a couple.

Pricing depends on individual or couple counseling, customization, and amount of sessions.

Intimacy Ministry – A guide to deeper intimacy with yourself, and with each other as a couple. We are all on a journey towards greater wholeness. Feeling whole & balanced brings true joy, peace & harmony to our lives. 

The Universe only pretends to be made of matter. Secretly, it is made of LOVE.

Journey towards greater wholeness together!