Sacred Ceremonies & Spiritual Counseling


Sacred Ceremonies

Congratulations on deciding to take your commitment to the next level! Getting married is a sacred endeavor. Now is the time to envision the kind of wedding you’d like to have. Having a sacred ceremony is a way to celebrate the power of your love.

A sacred ceremony is from the heart, and is inclusive of all that is meaningful to you. Your wedding ceremony will be a personalized expression of your values and experiences, as well as the hopes, dreams and intentions that are so precious to you. There are so many possibilities when it comes to creating your blessed ceremony; this is why I’m here. It is my intention and promise to listen to you both, witness your love, and help guide you in this process of making your dreams a reality.

Your sacred wedding ceremony can be spiritual or secular, contemporary or traditional, non-denominational or interfaith, the options are endless since it will be uniquely designed for you. Your devotion to each other is a blessing to everyone in your lives. Let’s get started today!

Lalana is also available to do short-notice elopements if scheduling permits. She is based in Santa Barbara, perfect for destination weddings, and is also open to travel upon request.

We are all on a journey towards greater wholeness. Feeling aligned and balanced brings true joy, peace & harmony to our lives.

Spiritual Counseling

In addition to being a wedding officiant, Lalana is available to help guide you to deeper intimacy with yourself, and with each other as a couple. Marriage is the beginning of an organic, committed adventure with its natural ups & downs. It’s often helpful to have a witness to your growth, as well as be there to provide guidance if challenges arise.

Pricing will vary depending on ceremony customization, extent of time, and travel expenses, if any. Call today to discuss the unlimited possibilities.

The Universe only pretends to be made of matter. Secretly, it is made of LOVE.

Let’s journey together!