About Lalana Rose

Lalana Rose

We are loving proof that miracles exist.

Lalana has been walking her own unique spiritual path of love, self-discovery & transformation for over twenty-years. Her journey & inquiry has taken her to many far reaches of the world which has bestowed her with a global and compassionate perspective.

Her exploration brought her to an inner knowing, the truth that we are here to live our joy, and birth our bliss! It is our birthright to come to know the beauty & divinity within us all.

As an Ordained Priestess and Minister of the Universal Life Church, Lalana joyously serves the public by offering sacred, spiritual, interfaith, intercultural and secular wedding ceremonies. Beyond the boundaries of any one tradition, Lalana gracefully weaves threads of unity & finds ways to celebrate all present. She honors our connection to the divine Source and the beauty of All That Is.

"Intimacy is sharing the breath of life with someone. The more we honor and acknowledge our interconnectedness, the more intimate every moment of every day becomes. Intimacy means not separating yourself from the other. It is simply pure and innocent transparency. Intimacy is an expression of oneness. In sacred union, we are sometimes gifted with the divine experience of being not two, but ONE." – Lalana
  • Maria Andreina
    In a few hours Lalana captured the essence of what I wanted for my ceremony. It was a magical moment with a touch of humor. Thank you!
    Maria Andreina
  • Jeremy
    The service Lalana officiated for us was everything we wanted - intimate, honest, loving, and open. She made us feel comfortable in what could have been a very stressful time, walked us through every step, and helped us with every detail. My wife and I - and our entire families - had a great time and we were glad Lalana made it into an event we could share our love with everyone.

Live your joy… Birth your bliss!